Hi, I am Vipin, founder of Misfit Wanderers.

Vipin, standing between two Deodar trees.
That’s Vipin in ‘Vipin’

You’re probably wondering why the name “Misfit Wanderers.” Are we the wanderers who don’t fit? That’s not entirely true (I do love solitude, though).

The idea of Misfit Wanderers came out as I was healing from a traumatic incident in my life. You see, travel was the only thing that provided me solace. It is when I travel I feel alive, like living life to the fullest.

The chaotic and monotonous life of chasing and cutting-edge competition was sucking the air out of my lungs. All I wanted is to escape, just run away and start a new life. Everybody thinks that at some point in life, even you must have, right?

But then. You know, that’s impossible. We have responsibilities of all kinds.

As I started to discover my passion for travel, I struggled to find correct information on the Internet. Blogs and websites forget that a human is consuming the content, not a bot. Most blogs I saw were only satisfying Google algorithms and social media norms. That’s okay, we should do that. But not at the cost of bad or misinformation, I believe.

Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.

George Bernard Shaw

That changes here. I pledge to put the audience MW’s #1 priority and place every possible effort into making rich, informational, and valuable content for you so that you travel smartly and with fewer plan changes.

And this is exactly what we do with Misfit Wanderers.

Few months down the lane after MW became alive in 2018, my long-time traveler friend Abhishek has joined me. He helps me manage the website, and without him, I’d not have ever created a Hindi handle of Misfit Wanderers. Thanks, man, you’re a team.

About Misfit Wanderers 1

The objective of Misfit Wanderers is to provide better travel content on the Internet.

MW aims to share personal travel experiences, stories, travel tips, and guides to the best travel accessories. Falling under the niche of travel, MW is determined to do differently from others. We adhere to provide rich quality content that real travelers have experienced.

What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?

George Eliot

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