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The BEST Guides For India Travel Are Published Here!

You want to taste freedom. Feel the solitude. Wander the unknown. And explore the hidden. Know the world’s culture.
If that’s so, we’re alike. Nice to meet you!

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WTH is Misfit Wanderers?

Misfit Wanderers is the quirky you. The one who wants to travel. The one who wants to have fun. The one sees the world as one. It’s instead a philosophy of living a life full of travel and adventure. How else would you make sense of it?
But if you want practicality: Misfit Wanderers is a travel portal and service that publishes online travel guides to help you explore the place.
Captivating stories, strange facts, hidden gems, unexplored trails, fascinating history, and more — everything’s by travelers, for travelers.

Life’s Short & There’s Whole World Out There

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