To the City of Lakes: Nainital. An Unforgettable Journey!

What can be better than a road trip to a spectacular nature’s abode with your friends? Christmas of 2017 was around the corner and our trip to Nainital was a cherry on the cake. Positive vibes were all around and I was deluged by the serenity of nature when I stood there.

Reaching Nainital from Lucknow

On 23rd December, we started our odyssey from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Penetrating through dense foggy roads, warmed by the hot cup of teas at several Dhabas, and gazing at the flower gardens on the way, we reached at our destination after 11-12 hours of travel. Furthermore, the journey was with the car which made it even more exciting. Most noteworthy we left at 11 pm from Lucknow.

Mesmerizing portrait view of Naini Lake.
Naini Lake of Nainital

Unexpected happiness, blended in the air of Nainital

There were no bookings of hotels, no itineraries set ― everything was to be set as unexpected and thought to be of the moment. After all, isn’t it the unexpected things that bring happiness?

It’s on the 24th of December now. Afore setting up the expedition, we parked our car at a public parking lot near Naini lake for 100 INR per day. We trekked to the upper hills to gather some scenic environment and peace.

Nature was so intimately blended there that it made our jaws drop. Therefore, roaming here and there with nothing particular in mind and clicking lots of poses with #MountainsCalling gave a meaningful experience. In the end, we booked up a cheap hotel near Mall Road and slept for the remaining day.

Jingles Bells ringing in Nainital’s land

The next day, it was Christmas and a fresh day for us. We decided to get lost in nature and do boating in Naini lake. The vibes of Christmas could be felt in the air and all the churches nearby were decorated like a bride.

Next, being done with the boating, in a lake surrounded by mountain ranges, we ended our day by reciting prayers in a church nearby. At night, we boozed ourselves over the heart to heart talks about life. Christmas was well spent, indeed.

Aloo parantha and kullhad wali chai being served near the Naini Lake
Aloo Parantha and Kullhad Chai

Paranthas and then Mukteshwar

On 26th’s morning, starting it with hot aloo ‘paranthas’ (a stuffed chapati with aloo or veggies alike), served over ‘Kullhad Wali Chai’ (tea served inside a clay utensil) and spectacular views of Naini lake we dipped our minds with ‘where’s next?’

Consequently, we rented two bikes to reach to Mukteshwar, a town in the Kumaon Hills situated 51kms from Nainital. Hence, again a road trip, but this time on two wheels.

Besides all through the way to reach Mukteshwar, we were constantly amazed by the beauties of mountains and lush greenery. We stopped a gazillion times on our way just to stare the beauties for long enough.

In addition, being departed at 9 am from Nainital, we reached Mukteshwar at 12 pm. Visiting the famous Mukteshwar Dham Temple and deepening ourselves with nature’s greatness our consciousness of life was stirred. It felt like heaven.

The place also presented us with a strange fruit which we’d never eaten: Malta or Blood Orange. In contrast, it tasted good. We returned to our hotel by 4 pm. Furthermore, our day ended with some shopping at Mall Road and getting a bit tipsy in the night.

Biking on the way to Mukteshwar from Nainital with splendid views of nature aside.
Biking on the way to Mukteshwar

To the adventure hub of Nainital – Bhimtal

Furthermore, the next day, we checked out from the hotel (around 9:30 am) and returned down the hills to pick our car. The next target acquired was Bhimtal, an adventure hub of Nainital.

Kayaking in Bhimtal lake with a pose like 'we're Sparta'
Kayaking in Bhimtal lake

Finally, we took our car and set the maps’ destination to Bhimtal. It took around 1 hour to reach there. Bhimtal is a small town in Nainital situated around 21km from the center. We almost soaked ourselves in the mesmerizing beauty of the lakeside views to the point where we felt nothing.

We did kayaking for the very first time, in Bhimtal lake. Although the kayaking was furious, it was every worth.

Back to where we belong

At last, after 1 pm we left again for the city of Nawabs – that is Lucknow.

In the end, we realized that it was an unforgettable journey for us, covered with lots of fun, booze and obviously the remarkable beauty of mother nature. Our hearts were again filled with lots of heavy feelings and a ton of memories to cherish with.

It’s another level of finding oneself by getting lost in nature. We know this now after visiting the city of lakes, Nainital.

Vipin Gaur
Vipin Gaur

Vipin is a techie, traveler, and entrepreneur. He has done engineering in computer science and is an Apple Fan Boy. He is behind all the tech and content management of this website. Often, he shares his entrepreneurial learnings and thoughts on his Twitter.

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  1. Wow.. really appreciable blog
    This is the best blog i ever read. After reading the facts i also very very excited to have a trip to Nainital district.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing all this wonderful info !!!! It is so appreciated!!! You always have good humor in your blogs. So much fun and easy to read, and one more thing u using some local word like (kulhad)from which i can relate to myself