First-Time Solo Travel? Here’s How You Make Your Mind in 3 Steps

Traveling is a passion for almost everyone in the world. But most don’t travel alone, perhaps not even once. And now you’ve decided that you want to go for solo travel but there’s something that nudges you.

Maybe you’re scared? Or you’re not sure you’ll enjoy traveling solo? Maybe there’s something else?

We can’t probably know your situation. But we know it for sure – a solo trip will be worth it. So, in this post, we’ll try to make up your mind and make you see you why should go on a solo trip.

Solo travel is the new ho-ho in the market. All the people driven by wanderlust, even by an inch, admire the solo travel (at least it seems to be). But why are people going crazy over it? There must be something big associated. Exactly, that’s what I thought too.

Why People Are Crazy Over Solo Trips?

Like, when I first watched ‘Into the Wild,’ it shook my core. I began to wonder – will I ever be able to travel solo, like really – all by myself? (Behind the scenes: I am an introvert)

I was fascinated by Chris McCandless from Into The Wild. The dialogues from the book and movie Into The Wild were making so much sense to me.

I set a goal to go for a solo trip at least once in my life. In January 2018, I decided to go for a solo tripwith all planning for the first time in my life.

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Solo Travel Gives You Peace!

7 Reasons Why You Should Solo Travel

  1. It brings clarity to your mind.
  2. You learn more about yourself.
  3. You become confident.
  4. You learn to step out of your comfort zone.
  5. You meet new people and make new friends.
  6. You learn to enjoy your company.
  7. It can help in relieving stress and trauma from the past.

I’ll scribble what it really took for me to step out of my comfort zone and be out like a free bird. And I’m sure these solo travel thoughts will work for you or will inspire you to finally take action.

Step 1. Be like Nike… Just do it

I know it. It’s easy to say than to actually do it. You will always be aimless unless you don’t take the rope of your life in your hands. 

Think less, do more. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of faith.

Don’t wait to wake up one day and start changing – better late than never. I know it sounds crazy but isn’t it required? A little craziness in this mundane world?

We should be bonkers.

Cross out the date in your calendar for the trip and start analyzing how you can achieve it. There’s nothing more satisfying than the feeling of accomplishment.

Step 2. “Believe, and you’re halfway there,” said someone intelligent than me.

And it goes like this – once you truly believe in yourself what others do and think won’t matter to anyone. There could be plenty of reasons for not doing it but if there’s one reason for doing it, you go and do it (take a deep breath).

Things could go wrong in solo travel, but so what? You’ve always managed to do it.

Regret is remorseful. Believe in yourself and you’ll surely achieve it. Believe that you can do it, sincerely from your heart.

Step 3. Change Your Attitude.

Sorry, society has put the wrong belief in our systems. I’ll tell you what – learning doesn’t stop with your college or school. Authentic learning is a life-long process. 

To learn is to live fully. And travel is one of the best forms of learning. Open yourself up to learn new things, to new experiences, to new people, and to new places. 

There is so much in this world, you’ll never ever run out. Go out and watch, you’ll far outweigh your past turmoil and bad experiences of life.

4. Bonus Tip: You are alone, but…

This statement may hurt but you’re alone, well in a way. Nobody can wear your shoes. Let’s think logically: you’re in this life to serve a purpose. You’ve people who love you but practically, can they do it for you? 

Even if they want, they can’t. It’s the simple truth of life. So live life independently and always try to give out to the world. The sooner you realize this, the happier you’ll become. 

This life is a kind of journey and remember, destinations don’t bring happiness but the journey. Make this journey beautiful. Don’t worry, stand up and carve your own path. 

Travel the most you can be it solo travel or group travel. If you don’t find anyone with you, remember you’re there for yourself.

You are alone, but not lonely. There’s a fine line in between them.


We hope these thoughts will make you see the benefits of solo travel. Do tell us your thoughts in the comment box. And before bidding bye, we want to say it again:

You should do solo travel at least once in your life.

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  1. Truly said dude, I fully agree and yeah learning doesn’t have restrictions..!! Hope u would experience more throughout your life👍