Why Do You Love Traveling? 5 Good Reasons.

So why do you love traveling?

Some say it’s self-discovery, some encapsulate it with the sense of being free and few others couldn’t explain their love at all. So, is it real? Or is it just another wave or bubble of a trend which will burst one day? Travel influencers and bloggers are everywhere, but the real deal is, do we know our purpose of traveling? What good we’re trying to do in this world?

In this short, sweet, and sour post, I am going to travel in mind and share thoughts of travelers like you and me. All to understand and explore the various reasons why we love traveling? To try to understand that are we running aimlessly for just dopamine hits (instant gratification) and euphoria or do we have a purpose?

Pandemic has already made us sit within the boundaries of our home. At times like these, people who get most frustrated are perhaps the wanderers and travelers – folks who love traveling on a frequent basis. But while this has contributed and showed us many more colors of life, it has also made us realize our love for travel, and perhaps the purpose and reason behind it.

I, personally, don’t feel any reason is required to travel except what we call is ‘curiosity.’ I love traveling, simply because I find this world too beautiful and mysterious that I can’t resist myself to explore, dissolve with and unfold it.

Why you love traveling?
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Practical Reasons To Love Traveling

Traveling is by far the most accepted form of education. No doubt travel widens your perception and expands your imagination as well as creativity. Traveling may not be in your profession but it can boost your performance at physical and mental levels because it has so many therapeutic benefits as well. Let me share a few practical reasons why we love traveling.

1. Healing & Nurture

Travel liberates your soul and makes you feel that the intangible feeling of being free. It heals your mind and soul and untangles the mess inside. You can see it yourself, you’ve always wanted some time alone in some peaceful place after you’ve been hurt or broke or just mentally tired. Travel (specifically solo travel) gives you that peace and place. It gives you nurture and helps you in healing.

2. Learning

You know the real learning begins outside the boundaries of school and home. When you’re out there practically experiencing the things and people, you learn the real deal. These learnings don’t fade away unlike most of what we’ve learned in our school book, because here you’re practically learning by experiences. The more you travel, the more you’ll learn about this world and life, wholly new.

3. Beautiful World

Why you love traveling?
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Staying in the same place forever is no justice to the beautiful world out there waiting for you to explore it. Look beyond, the world is genuinely beautiful. Different people, places, culture, tradition, and enormous jaw-dropping marvels of nature. When you travel often, you feel more satisfied and get to know this world more closely.

4. Adventure

If you have an adrenaline rush in your blood and feel adventure is totally your thing – travel is important for you. Adventure junkies travel because there’s an adventure out there at every step. Travel presents you with situations that test your spirit of adventure specifically when you’re trekking, hiking, climbing, or doing adventure sports.

5. Connect & Strengthen

Why you love traveling?
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Travel lets you connect with yourself and others, increasing your understanding of life. You find out that the world is filled with good people and that media has fooled you and made you think of this world as bad. You travel to strengthen your bonds, celebrate, and celebrate with people and also to discover new people. This makes you a better human.

The Purpose Behind Travel

Some people sustain to travel for life. I am lucky enough to know few of them. They not only inspire me but also made me think about it more – what is the purpose, what kept them moving?

Traveling for leisure is easy and generally, we call them tourists. But traveling with a purpose is not. Before I started this blog, I never had a purpose to travel, it was solely due to the euphoria and freedom that comes along with it.

But years later, I often think why am I traveling – is to make a travel blog and earn a living, or is it more? I am a travel blogger but what good change am I bringing with travel?

For me, the purpose behind my travel is not vague as it used to be. I travel for nature and to explore and later to document it with words and camera. To let people know and inspire them to travel more. How you are any different, you may ask? The answer is I am not. Like most people I am not. But I am actively looking for it and I am sure together, we can bring change.

But why do you love traveling? Do you have any purpose or you do it along with your other job or for leisure?

Why do MW writers love traveling?

Now let’s see what travelers like you and me say about their love for traveling.

Travel is the thing that has connected MW writers since day one. Let’s hear their thoughts.

Why I love traveling — Niti says…

“From reading about places to getting to see them in reality. It started with my grandfather who loved to visit places and to talk about them later.. We bonded over many things but travel stories were something I always craved for. Now when I get to travel on my own.

I realize how my love for travel is rooted in that time I had with him. It’s my love for him that I cherish with each travel and its part of who I am now. I celebrate life with my travels. I celebrate him… I celebrate me. I celebrate the beauty of the world. That’s where my love for travel comes from. It’s the gift I got from my forever Valentine. My Grandfather.. to live life as a traveler. For now and forever !!”


Why I love traveling — Ayushi says…

“Traveling? Traveling is a stress buster for me. An escape from my monotonous routine of life. It is a getaway, where for some time I can forget all my problems, issues and work which I have left back there to just relax. Being in an altogether new place not only refreshes my mind, but there is also another level of serenity that I cannot explain in words.

Yes, I love traveling more than anything else. It’s not just a hobby but a therapy. Being in the laps of nature is my favorite thing to do. Be it with a friend, a special friend, your family, or just you, being in a totally new place with always feed your soul, expand your horizon, help you nurture.

Whenever I am traveling to someplace, it’s not the destination that is most important to me, but the journey. Staring out of the window, I just wish that it goes on forever. The surprise element of what the destination holds infold makes the journey even more exciting than ever.”


Why I love traveling — Abhishek says…

“I love traveling mainly because of these reasons. I love nature and cherish my time with it. I crave it for more and more, always. Also, travel gives me calmness, and my mind feels relaxed out there somewhere, where nobody knows you but you.

It just heals you in some kind of way. I love to travel because I’m eager to learn the history and culture of this world. Travel gives me an opportunity to meet world people and befriend them.”


Why I love traveling — Me (Vipin) says…

“Honestly, I don’t know. But if there’s an answer from my end, it’d be because I love nature. Whenever I stretch my horizon, I’m amazed by the beauty of Earth at every hook and feel connected to it.

Love cannot be caressed with reasons, I believe. Therefore, here some reasons like – travel make me capable, it helps me grow physically and emotionally and simply because I’m a wanderer, explorer, and deeply curious at heart.”

Why Do You Love Traveling? 5 Good Reasons. 1
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In the end, I’d say that while travel opens up many roads in life for you there are some people who can’t travel frequently or even can’t travel at all due to some critical reasons. It’s just okay if you can’t, there’s nothing to feel bad about it. Nonetheless, you are never ceased to explore your surroundings – your own city. Go far if you can, else go deep.

The real deal is living a life full of learning and happiness. Lean back and reflect on yourself, you’ll understand everything better. Be a traveler at heart, even if you can’t do it literally. What you believe, you’ll eventually become.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in comment box below. I wanna know why do YOU love traveling?


Vipin is a techie, traveler, and entrepreneur. He has done engineering in computer science and is an Apple Fan Boy. He is behind all the tech and content management of this website. Often, he shares his entrepreneurial learnings and thoughts on his Twitter.

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