Taj Mahal: Virtual Tour To A Wonder of the World

Taj Mahal, counted among the Seven Wonders of the World, is eye-delight to most of its visitors. And why shouldn’t it be? Built using Rajasthani Makrana Marble, the Taj Mahal defies many world’s architectures with its grandeur and beauty. The translucent-ish nature of the marble allows lights to pass through it, though in a very insignificant proportion. This makes the Taj Mahal shine, and hence it glows in a moonlit night.

While COVID-19 has wrecked us in many fields, it couldn’t take us on our imaginations and choices. Today, I will take you on another virtual tour of the Taj Mahal while you sit back and enjoy. Hold your horses and be prepared to amuse yourself with the beauty of the Taj.

This virtual tour is no different from Jaipur’s Hawa Mahal. But if you haven’t been there virtually, let me reiterate some of the basic things to you.

1- Minute Video Tour

I thought you would like to see this 1-minute video tour. Watch this; it should act like extra cheese on a Pizza. Please don’t say that you don’t want extra cheese. Anyway, ignore my gibberish talks and enjoy it.

Things Worth Noting

Here are a few essential things you should consider before proceeding to this virtual tour of the Taj Mahal.

  • Winter is about to end in India and the month is February.
  • The weather is a bit sunny with clouds scattered all over the blue sky.
  • We are in the heritage city of Agra, where the Taj Mahal is situated.
  • You are with me and we are going to explore today one of the seven wonders of the world

Your Expectations With This Virtual Tour

This might not be the tour you want, but it can be the tour that’ll rejuvenate you. Whether you have been to the Taj before or not, I’ll strive to make this virtual tour as exciting and fun as possible. That being said, know that:

  • You and I are friends (hey, buddy!). 
  • Everything being showed here is in chronological order.
  • Since this is virtual, focus on images as much as you’ll do in reading.

Ready to take off? Let’s go.

Reaching the Taj Mahal

We have done our homework and reached the Taj Mahal’s West Gate via an Uber ride in Agra as good travelers. As soon as the cab dropped us outside a rustic gate, you went into bewilderment as there was no Taj Mahal visible from the entrance. But since I have been to Agra and visited the Taj Mahal many times before, I have become your driver.

“Here, come this way.” I started walking on the pavement going inside. I told you that the Taj Mahal’s main gate is approximately 100-200 meters from here. You exhaled some air of satisfaction, then.

We can see some Caddy moving up and down the road, but we preferred walking. Soon enough, we reached the ticketing window and passed the security check, and finally entered the Taj Mahal’s complex.

You pointed us to see styled walkways on both sides as we kept walking. Just like this:

beautiful pathways at the taj mahal virtual tour

Next, the main entrance to the Taj Mahal became visible. What was it called? We read about it on the Internet, don’t you remember? It is known as the Great Gate or Darwaza-i-Rauza, and here’s how it looks. Tall and beautiful.

 The Great Gate Side View at the taj mahal virtual tour

“Ah, there,” you pointed as you saw the white dome behind the walls of the gate. The excitement is on another level, and we can’t wait to quickly get inside after crossing the gate.

The gate! It is really huge compared to the gates of today’s world and undeniably beautiful. We saw inscriptions in Urdu and wondered what it is?

the great gate or darwaza-i-rauza at the taj mahal virtual tour

As soon as we crossed the gate, making our way between the crowd, we both shattered. It is like that ‘reality’ vs. ‘expectations’ meme. This much crowd, not at all fun. See:

The Taj Mahal First Sight at the taj mahal virtual tour

But anyway, all our disappointments turned into joy the moment we geared our necks in front and saw the whole, wide-view of Taj from our own set of eyes. I can’t tell you. You have to watch it yourself.

I can’t refrain myself and have to click some good pics, I mumbled as I hurriedly set up my Canon EOS 200D. This piece of gadget + my iPhone calms my creative satiations.

Look at these pics that I took as we walked towards the Taj Mahal.

Passing by the people trying to lift Taj in their photographs, the cowboys are finally standing very close to the Taj. Can we not be with views like this forever?

an oldman cowboy looking the dome at taj mahal virtual tour

“Take the left turn, and we will be up at the pavilion,” I instructed. The pavilion? You asked. The two identical structures we see on both sides of the Taj Mahal. One of them is a mosque, and another is a guest pavilion. Remember those glamorous Instagram photos? Those were shot from here.

Guest Pavilion - Mosque on both sides of the Taj Mahal

Since the sun sets this side, we see the Taj marbles of the Taj marbles in a yellow hue. And it is still gorgeous. See:

Yellow Hued view of taj mahal virtual tour

We moved like good boys, but the queue was long and the excitement to finally summon in front of the Taj Mahal was at its peak. We quickly reached the very top, and now we can’t even see the central dome. We’re so close. Watch this:

Near Front of the taj mahal virtual tour

The next task is to take a 360-degree revolution of the Taj Mahal while taking the beautiful shots of the Guest Pavilion, mosque, and the Yamuna river flowing behind the architecture. The sun was setting, and it was really a beautiful building. Perhaps, you can understand from these pics:

After spending more than an hour, you asked to take photos from a good position. So we start coming down the Taj Mahal to reach the garden complex in front of the Taj. “This is a good point,” you said as you took a beautiful shot of me trying to pose well. See your shot:

VivaciousVipin sitting and posing in front of the taj mahal virtual tour

Satiating our urges with some good clicks, we are now ready to get out see what’s outside the East gate of the Taj Mahal. 

We exited from the Taj Mahal complex and saw what we are seeing now. Souvenir market and a Lord Shiva temple. Time to take some souvenirs back to our places, we laughed and joked as we went to the market lane.

Market near the East Gate of the taj mahal virtual tour
Mahadev - Shiva temple near East Gate of the taj mahal virtual tour

The End

That’s how we concluded the journey. Did you enjoy visiting the Taj Mahal with me? Nay? Yes? What are you saying? I can’t hear ya; use the comment box, please.

I hope you are enjoying these virtual tours amid this panicking pandemic. If so, please count your good friends and share it with them. Also, if you haven’t been to our virtual tour of Hawa Mahal, you can click here to visit.

See you soon, buddy.

Vipin Gaur
Vipin Gaur

Vipin is a techie, traveler, and entrepreneur. He has done engineering in computer science and is an Apple Fan Boy. He is behind all the tech and content management of this website. Often, he shares his entrepreneurial learnings and thoughts on his Twitter.

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