9 Remarkable Trekking Shoes Under ₹7000 in India

You don’t want swollen feet or ankle sprains while enjoying your trek, right? Then it’s a good idea to invest in a trekking shoe.

Trekking shoes provide better ankle protection, grip, breathability, and traction. And they’re a good investment considering your love for travel. So, next time you’re on a mountain top with your newly bought trekking shoes and no injuries, you can feel the Ranbir’s dialogue fromYeh Jawani Hai Deewani.

ye pahad chadhna... tumhare liye shayad sirf trekking hai... mere liye nasha hai. - YJHD Dialogues

Nowadays, trekking has become a trend. Especially the youth is taking more interest in adventures.Therefore, it is imperative to have good-quality trekking shoes for trekking.

So today, I will tell you about some of the best trekking shoes – EASY to wear, COMFORTABLE, and DURABLE, that will make your adventures memorable.

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6 Things To Keep in Mind Before Buying Trekking Shoes

Before buying trekking shoes, you should pay special attention to following these things.

1. Climate or Weather

Climate or weather plays a significant role. It is advisable to ensure that you should opt for a low ankle shoe if you are trekking in a hot or dry terrain environment. If the climate is cold, high ankle boots are suitable for trekking.

9 Remarkable Trekking Shoes Under ₹7000 in India - Waterproof

You should know the type of trekking trail that will help you choose shoes and make the whole trekking experience enjoyable.

2. Weight

The first thing to keep in mind when choosing trekking shoes is weight. Choose a light pair of trekking shoes that are highly supportive and have a good grip.

We recommend lightweight shoes because they will be helpful for you while trekking if you are carrying a heavy load. A trekking boot with a high ankle is a good, better option in such situations.

3. Ankle Protection

The next thing is the ankle protection offered by the trekking shoes. It is an essential feature if you are prone to trekking in bumpy areas. Three types of ankle protection are found in trekking shoes: low-cut (low ankle), mid-cut (mid-ankle), and high-cut (high ankle).

A low-cut trekking shoe is suitable for a day-long trek on relatively flat terrain but is not ideal for mountain trekking. So, if you are looking for trekking shoes for a multi-day hike, then ignore low-cut shoes.

A mid-cut trekking shoe is helpful for multi-day treks but depends mainly on terrain and trek paths. If it is a moderate trek, then mid-cut shoes will work fine.

One of the best trekking shoes is the high cut-trekking shoes that provide the most support and grip. They are perfect for multi-day treks and can handle all trekking areas with relative comfort.

You will walk in your trekking shoes for at least 6-7 hours a day without any break. So, you have to keep your comfort in mind as well. Go for a well-padded pair of tracking shoes that will protect your heel and ankle and will not be uncomfortable while walking.

Also, look for air cushioning in your trekking shoes that will be very good at protecting your heel and eliminate the possibility of a painful heel later.

4. Trekking Shoes Size and Fitness

One of the most important things to consider when looking for a pair of trekking shoes is the size and fitness of your trekking shoes. Your shoes should feel comfortable, and there should be no foot blisters by the end of the trek.

5. Durability and Comfortability

You should ensure that your shoes are durable and comfortable. We recommend buying a number that is one size larger than the size of your actual shoe.

Go for a shoe test — may be running or walking. Consequently, you’ll understand the fitness level of a shoe. Make sure you are comfortable and cushioned adequately for the trek, and take your time in determining the correct shoe size and fit for yourself.

6. Waterproof Trekking Shoes

Finally, make sure you buy waterproof trekking shoes because you will often come across streams and waterfalls that you have to cross. It can take several days to dry your shoes and socks if they are wet and the weather is not sunny.

9 Remarkable Trekking Shoes Under ₹7000 in India - Waterproof

Also, this feature is essential if you’re planning a snow-trek; otherwise, you run the risk of experiencing frostbite or pneumonia. Yes, a waterproof pair of trekking shoes would cost a bit more but would be highly useful in the long run.


After closely inspecting everything, I have divided some of the best shoes into three categories according to the price in rupees (INR).

  1. Up to 2000-3000
  2. Up to 3000-5000
  3. Up to 5000-7000

Category 1: Up to ₹ 2000-3000

Reebok Mens Guide Stride Running Shoes

9 Remarkable Trekking Shoes Under ₹7000 in India 1
Attractive designNot waterproof
Strong grip
Suitable for every trail

Redchief Men’s Leather Trekking and Hiking Shoes

9 Remarkable Trekking Shoes Under ₹7000 in India 2
Attractive designNot waterproof
Extremely comfortable
Firm grip
Robust and sturdy

Adidas Men’s Drogo M Running Shoes

9 Remarkable Trekking Shoes Under ₹7000 in India 3
Attractive designNot waterproof
Durable and comfortable
Lightweight sole
Stable and secure

Category 2: Up to ₹ 3000-5000

Wildcraft Men’s RuNX TR Hugo Sports Shoes

9 Remarkable Trekking Shoes Under ₹7000 in India 4
High AnkleLittle heavy
Attractive in looksNot waterproof
Strong grip
Suitable for every trail

Woodland Mens Ogcc 3474119 Sneaker

9 Remarkable Trekking Shoes Under ₹7000 in India 5
Snug fittingNone (An ideal shoe)
Durable and comfortable
Suitable for every trail
Stable and secure

Red Chief Leather Boot Shoes for Men

9 Remarkable Trekking Shoes Under ₹7000 in India 6
Attractive looksRugged and tough to wear
Highly Durable
Suitable for every trail and weather
Robust and sturdy

Category 3: Up to ₹ 5000-7000

Skechers Mens Terrabite – Trailbor Casual Shoes

9 Remarkable Trekking Shoes Under ₹7000 in India 7
Strong gripMid Ankle
Three layered-waterproof
Suitable for every trail
Stable and secure

Columbia Women Vent Aero Boot

9 Remarkable Trekking Shoes Under ₹7000 in India 8
Strong gripNone (An ideal shoe)
Three layered-waterproof
Suitable for every trail
Stable and secure

Skechers Mens Go Run Pulse – Haptic MotionSneaker

9 Remarkable Trekking Shoes Under ₹7000 in India 9
Good grip on raw pathsNone (An ideal shoe)
Completely waterproof
Comfortable and durable
Suitable for every trail and weather
Safe and stable with pebble stones

What type of shoes to wear for trekking?

Trekking shoes with good grips are strong, durable, comfortable, and waterproof and are always recommended over classic sports shoes.

Can we trek in running shoes?

Yes, you can, but you might face difficulty when you go on rocky or rough roads. Therefore, we recommend shoes with solid and good grip.

Hiking boots or shoes?

Hiking shoes are better. Because the boots will get a bit heavier, you will have to face hiking problems.

Difference between running shoes and trekking shoes?

Both are for off-road expeditions. The only difference is that trekking shoes are a bit more comfortable, durable, and give a good grip on the rocky paths of the mountains.

Which brand of shoes would be better?

Talking about moderately priced shoes, you can go with Wildcraft, Quechua, and Adidas. Speaking of high prices, go with Columbia, Salomon, and North Face.

Should I buy trekking shoes a size larger than mine?

Yes, buy a size larger than your standard size to be a little comfortable.

Do shoes have to be waterproof?

No, but there will be no problem in dry areas, but there will be a problem in rainy and snowy paths with shoes that aren’t waterproof.

Are trekking shoes heavy?

It can be heavier than regular shoes but not so much that you have to face any problem in walking. For making vigorous, durable, and comfortable trekking, shoe size increases slightly.


It is essential to consider everything mentioned above when choosing trekking shoes. Since you are paying a reasonable price, you’d want the best quality shoes.

After careful inspection, I have selected the best shoes for you. If you still have any questions in your mind, then feel free to ask us. We are always at your service.

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