Couchsurfing India: First Experience of Staying Free

couchsurfing india

So have you ever thought of  staying for free while you travel? Heck, what am I even talking about… Who doesn’t want that? Right! I’m a person who always dreamt of traveling as far as I can without digging a hole into my pocket.  Well certainly to travel for free is a myth (yet to me) but however, there’s a thing I brought you today which will cut your accommodation charges to zero (pretty close to travel free system, isn’t it?). Yeah, I’m right… Couchsurfing is a term that has been into existence for a long time now. Some thought…

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The Urban Traveler’s Guide to Kumbh Mela 2019

The Urban Traveler’s Guide to Kumbh Mela 2019 1

The other day, me and my friend were talking. “Chal sangam me paap dhul ke aate hai”, he said. And I was like “Tu hi mera Kumbh Mele me khoya hua bhai hai LOL.” He meant let’s get a dip in the confluence of holy rivers i.e., at Sangam in Kumbh Mela and eradicate our bad deeds. While I burst out of laughter thinking that our bad deeds have reached the maximum and so it’s necessary for us to get rid of it. And follow the path of good (perhaps). This talk leads us in planning for the Kumbh Mela…

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